Our concept

Building and strengthing...


  • Personal competence  
    to set limits, gain in self confidence, deal with
    criticism, deal with emotions,  develop creativity,  
    self awareness and concentration.

  • Social competence

    playing, speaking and working together, learning how 

    to resolve conflicts, listening to each other, 

    respecting people and their possessions, politeness.

  • Skills

    practical life skills, mathematics, reading, writing,

    oral skills, geography, history, science,

    art and craft, music.
Creativity is a primary aim. Children are given the chance to explore different
materials and techniques. Freedom of expression is promoted and their 
imagination stimulated through the creative arts.
Every child is born with the innate capacity to learn a language ie imitate sounds, 
understand words, then later form sentences, until they can speak perfectly. 
We capitalise on this ability by teaching very young children to speak 
English effortlessly. For the children this is experienced as an exciting
 journey into a new world. There is no stress involved – on the contrary...
...it is great fun!
They learn for the future...
to speak English confidently
to begin to read and write independently
to acquire an understanding of numbers, shapes, time and measure
 to develop practical life skills

The kindergarten’s (pre-school) philosophy is 
based on the English school curriculum combined 
with the needs of children with English as a first 
and second language.
Our aim is to give children the chance to acquire 
or keep (children returning from abroad) the English
language as well as have an excellent foundation 
in literacy, numeracy, creativitiy, social and 
emotional skills. 
We also apply some Montessori aspects such 
as the aspect of  “life skills”.
The 21 children aged from 3-6 years are divided into three groups and 
looked after by two qualified primary school teachers as well 
                                                                         as a nursery nurse.
The kindergarten is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac in Hemmingen about 2km south of Hannover.

Kindergarten hours:

Full day place: 8 am – 4 pm 

Morning place: 8 am – 2 pm